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Unique Joint Care System


The ArthroLine Brand

ArthroLine is the leading umbrella brand of ProNovis Consumer Healthcare with a prime focus on the joint care market.

The ArthroLine is a portfolio of innovative and top of the range products comprising:

  • Arthro Hyal - Medical Devices – Hyaluronic Acid injections to reduce joint pain and increase joint mobility marketed under  our Arthro Hyal label

  • Arthro Intense - Nutritional Supplements – to support normal cartilage and connective tissue growth marketed under our Arthro Intense label

Arthro Hyal - Hyaluronic Acid injections are targeted at the Viscosupplementation market and are used by medical practitioners to treat the symptoms of pain, limited joint mobility and degenerative changes to the joint caused by osteoarthritis and / or traumatic injury.

Arthro Intense - Nutritional Supplements are “multi-channel” and are sold as over the counter products e.g. through pharmacies, sports establishments and high-end retail channels.

ArthroLine products are available through a growing network of international distributors with brand recognition supported by the ArthroLine branded website and a core social media strategy.
For more information about our distribution network get in touch with us today.

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